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Trever Fleetham, AICP   

Economic Development & Planning Manager


303 N. Beeline Highway       

Payson, AZ 85541

Office: (928) 472-5046

Cell: (928) 978-9584

Our mission is to maximize the region's economic prosperity and position the Greater Payson Area as a state leader in education, workforce, and light industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get financing to start a new business?

The majority of start-up funding comes from the owner’s pockets or through small loan agreements with family and friends. Other options may include business loans from commercial banks or microenterprise organizations. For more information, please visit our financing your startup page.

2. What free resources are available to start my business?

The Town of Payson offers a range of services for start-up businesses including business coaching, industry information, marketing tips, and business workshops. We can also connect you with other business assistance organizations in Payson that offer business plan review, financial projections, and operational information. For more detailed information, go to Town of Payson services for startups page.

3. Where should I locate my business in Payson?

Before you sign on the dotted line when it comes to commercial lease or rental agreement, it’s important to research the location of your new business. You want to be sure it’s zoned appropriately for the type of business you have in mind. You will also want to consider locating your business closest to your potential customers. The Town of Payson staff has access to this information and can help provide you customized demographic data–for free. For more detailed information, go to our location page.

4. Do I need a Town of Payson business license?

Yes, all businesses operating or doing business in the city limits are required to be registered and have a Town of Payson business license, regardless of gross income. This includes home-based businesses, nonprofit organizations, sidewalk vendors and seasonal event vendors. You’ll find more information on our licenses and requirements page.

5. What is the cost for a Town of Payson business license?

Currently the business license fee is $40 per year for Home Occupation and $40 Re-Newal. Commercial businesses license $40 with $50 Re-Newal. Out of Town business license $90 with $70 Re-Newal. Peddlers business license $90 with $50 Re-Newal. You’ll find more information on our licenses and requirements page.

6. What is the turnaround time for obtaining a Town of Payson license or permit?

Business licenses are typically issued the same day if you come in person to the office. If the application is sent via email or regular mail, please allow for a turnaround time of 10-15 business days for new business license depending upon the time of the year.

8. Are there other licenses and permits required other than the Town of Payson?

Yes. Each business (architect, restaurant, day spa, night club) operating in Payson may have different licensing requirements before it can open its doors. To find out what government agencies you will need to contact for your particular business, go to the State of Arizona Business Licensing Guide Online page.

9. I’m planning on running my business out of my home. Is a license or permit still needed?

Yes, any individual who owns or operates a business from a residence inside the town is required to obtain a Town of Payson Home Occuption Business License. The Home Occupation Business License is required regardless of the amount of revenue the business generates and whether the business is a part-time or full-time enterprise. The Home Occupation license fee is a one-time fee of $40, as long as you do not change the nature of your business activity. If you change the type of services or goods your business is providing, you will be subject to another application and processing fee of $40. To obtain a license, visit the Town of Payson Tax & License Division.

10. I am considering beginning a non-profit organization. What do I need to get started?

Once you have decided on a name for your non-profit organization, register it with the Secretary of State. This process involves standard requirements such as having a board of directors, a “charter” or adopted bylaws, and a physical address. Then when you apply for a Town of Payson business license, you will be asked for a copy of your non-profit registration certificate. The next steps involve registration with the Internal Revenue Service as “tax-exempt”.

11. What do Business License fees and Business & Occupation taxes pay for?

Revenue from license fees and taxes are deposited into the Town General Fund. The funds are used to pay for essential Town services including Police, Fire and Streets.

12. How do I contact the Town of Payson Tax & License Office for questions about starting my business?

The Town of Payson License Customer Service Desk is located in the Community Development Building at 303 N Beeline Hwy. Business hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Telephone: 928-472-5035. Email: tflores@paysonaz.gov.

13. What kind of taxes will I be obligated to pay?

You should consult with a reputable tax accountant to determine your tax obligations. To get started, go to our understand your tax obligations page.

14. What type of insurance is required for a business?

Every business’ insurance requirements are different. To find out what your specific needs are ask a professional. You may find a partial list of qualified insurers in the area at this page: insurance providers.

Business Spotlight

CROSSFIT of Payson


Dusty Brocket found his love for Crossfit in 2012. I was looking for another method of training to suite my needs better to improve my rugby performance. I was bored with the "global gym" routine. With the help of a friend who was Crossfitting at another box, we found East Valley Crossfit in Chandler, AZ. She explained to me what "Crossfit"is. She knew Crossfit would be perfect for me because not only would it help with my performances on the field but it would help with my everyday movemements.


After a year of training at EVCF, I then realized that Crossfit was becoming a big part of my life. In the summer of 2013 my family and I moved back to my home town of Payson. I then got my level 1 certification and also my Crossfit Football certification. While training I discovered another passion and that was coaching.


Two years had gone by when my wife and I discussed an opportunity to open our own gym. With the support of family and friends we decided to take a huge leap and open what is now Crossfit Payson.


We are both happy and the business is doing well. The Town of Payson Economic Development was easy to work with and helped me walk through opening a new business. Thanks Town of Payson Community Development group.